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How to Grow  Your CPR Training Business

You've started your business, but are at a standstill. You need help scaling and growing. This Masterclass is for You!

Business Acceleration Masterclass 

For those who are ready to take a Quantum Leap into ultra acceleration, we hold live (virtual) masterclasses ( limited slots).

These live, no-holds barred sessions are only held once every other month. Facilitated by our most experienced AHA faculty and training center coordinators, you learn in 2 hours, what took us  decades!



Biz Workshops (2).png
  • Social Media Marketing/ Intro to Canva

  • Artificial Intelligence ( AI) Tools

  • Intro to Government Contracts

$ 149 secures your slot. Choose a date & Click to Join


May 21,2024 6pm EST


July 16,2024 6pm EST


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