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Young Nurse

Are you a travel nurse or allied professional  seeking a staffing agency that provides personalized service and a first-class experience?

Look No Further!

Now Placing:  Nurses,  CNAs, NAs, Phlebotomists, Pharmacy Techs, and more.

Babcock Health Staffing Agency  has partnered with Kamana to make the application, onboarding, and profile management process much easier for you.

We'll get you onboarded and on your way to your assignment, quickly and seamlessly. 

The Basics

Once you join, you can: 

  • immediately access our global job boards

  • communicate with dedicated agency staff directly within your account

  • track your expiring credentials and keep us  informed about renewals

  • fill and sign documents to complete the onboarding process

  • securely share any other information   needed  to place and employ you

If you already have a Kamana Profile, you can instantly share your information with us, without having to fill out another Profile.


If you don't have a Profile yet, that's okay too.

Once you create one you can use Kamana to securely manage your professional information for life!

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